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Dress Code

In addition to the school uniform, we rely on the good judgment of our parents regarding the clothing students wear to school. We are aware that when students dress neatly and have a well-groomed appearance, they tend to do better in school. The school recommends that clothes be appropriate for the current weather conditions, simple, washable, sturdy, not too tight, safe, and easy to manage. Appearance should complement, not distract.


  • All students need to wear a Sojourn uniform shirt (blue polo for every day and P.E. uniform for physical education) to school. If a new student does not have a uniform yet, a solid color polo shirt or T-shirt may be worn until the uniform arrives. (solid color = no writing, logos, stripes, etc.)

  • Shorts, split shorts, and skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee (wearing tights under clothing does not change the length requirement.)

  • Spandex or extra tight shorts, slacks, or skirts are not permitted.

  • Hats, hoods and sunglasses are not to be worn during the school day.

  • Tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, shirts and trousers that reveal the stomach, chest, back, shoulders, or undergarments are not permitted.

  • Clothing must be clean, neat and not have holes and tears.

  • Clothing bearing slogans, words, or symbols which relate to or display alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, or are considered “gang” related are not allowed.

  • Likewise clothing bearing slogans, words, or symbols considered to be negative, derogatory, discriminatory, or profane is not permitted.

  • Hair is to be kept neat and clean and not be in the eyes. Facial hair is also to be kept neat and trim. Hair may not be dyed or streaked in unnatural colors.

  • Students are not permitted to use any personal electronic devices during the school day.

  • Middle and high school students who are enrolled in physical education classes must bring a change of clothes (t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers) for this class.

  • Facial piercing and exposed tattoos are not allowed. Boys may not wear earrings on campus and girls may not have more than three holes in each ear.

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