Rayitos de Sol

We understand that missionaries will serve God on the field as an entire family. While they are attending classes at the Institute, parents can be confident that their children are well cared for and receiving a quality education.

Rayitos de Sol, also known as “The Kinder,” is a beautiful facility located right on the Institute grounds. It provides excellent childcare for newborns through pre-school age children.

During the time that parents are in class, their small children receive loving Christian care. The staff of “The Kinder” includes professional preschool teachers and helpers. The ratio of children to caregivers does not exceed 3:1 for infants and 6:1 for toddlers.

Materno I: 3 – 23 months (1 year)

Materno II: 24 – 35 months (2 years)

Interactivo I: 36– 47 months (3 years)

Interactivo II: 48 –59 months (4 years)

Ciclo Transición: 60 –71 months (5 years)



70% Inlgés




Phonetics (Programa

Internacional Letter Land)


70% Inlgés




Phonetics (Programa

Internacional Letter Land)


In thinking about packing meals for
your child, please provide healthy foods, not “junk food” or soda

Healthy foods, not "junk food" or soda.

Sufficient for the day.

Can be cold or to warm up.

Babies also will have a snack, water, and milk.

Lunch is only needed for Interactivo I-II and Ciclo Transición


Entrance at 7:15 - Classes begin at 7:30 am

50% English 50% Spanish

1st Block: 7:30 to 10:30 am

8:30 Snack and Recess

10:30 Recess

2nd Block: 10:30 to 2:30 pm

Lunch (Interactivo I – II & Kindergarden)

End of Day:

Materno I & II (12:30)

Interactivo I-II & Kindergarden (2:30)

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